Deisi Hernandez

#7 Deisi Hernandez

HT. 5-3
CL. Fr.
HIGH SCHOOL Southwestern Randolph High School
MAJOR Biology


Hernandez is a graduate of Southwestern Randolph High School. During her high school career, she earned player of the week honors in 2014-2015 under the direction of Todd Lomax. During the 2016-2017 season she was named the offensive player of the year and mid-piedmont all conference. 

She enjoys eating chicken alfredo, mac & cheese, and chicken pot pie. Her favorite artist is Future and her favorite movie is The Conjuring. Off the field, she like working out, playing volleyball, and drawing. Her best athletic momemnt was when she scored her 100th goal her senior year. Although undecided in her major, she aspires to be a great player and work her butt off to succeed. She is the daughter of Ignacio Hernandez and Gricelda Galarza.