We want Newberry Athletics to be enjoyable for our fans as well as visiting team fans and our number one priority is your safety! For those reasons, tailgaters will be expected to meet the below stated requirements.  Exceptions may be granted by the Director of Athletics and/or the Dean of Students.

• Tailgating is allowed only in designated tailgating areas adjacent to the competition site.  Academic building and residence hall parking lots are not designated tailgating areas.  
• Propane/Gas grills are allowed. 
• Kegs are NOT permitted.
• No glass containers — use cans, plastic cups or plastic bottles only.
• No indoor use furniture should be placed in tailgate areas such as sofas or recliners.
• Please keep your tailgate tidy and limited to your designated space(s).
• Out of courtesy to others, and for safety reasons, audio/video system units requiring an external power source are not allowed. Volume and the language in music must be appropriate for all ages.
• Tailgating may begin five (5) hours prior to kick-off and the parking areas are to be emptied no more than three hours after the game has ended.  
• Tailgaters must be respectful of those around them and mindful that students are subject to policies in the Student Handbook.  Everyone else is subject to rules and regulations of the State of South Carolina, the City of Newberry, Newberry College and the Newberry College Athletic Department.
• Newberry College is proud to have fans of all ages, so please be responsible for your children.  As a consideration to all our families and friends who use our facilities, we ask that proper language and judgment be used at all times.
• Waste food items and trash must be disposed of in the appropriate containers or be taken with you.
• Any violations of this policy may result in termination of tailgate privileges and criminal prosecution and/or action taken through the Newberry College Security Office, the Dean of Students or the Newberry Police Department.

Specific information regarding Newberry College Athletic Club parking guidelines is available on the Athletic Club website.

Thank you for your cooperation and support of Newberry Football.