Meet the Wolves: Mark Hoog, Johnathan Saullo, and Andres Silva

Meet the Wolves: Mark Hoog, Johnathan Saullo, and Andres Silva
Friday, October 13, 2017 | by Janay Boone, Athletic Communications Assistant


Name: Mark Hoog

Favorite Food: Skyline Chili

Major: Biology

Mark Hoog, a junior defender from Lexington, S.C. embarks on his third season with the Wolves soccer program.

Prior to Newberry, Hoog started his high school soccer career at Lexington HS. In 2013 at Lexington, his team was a South Carolina State Runner-Up. At River Bluff HS, he was named all-region player and led the team to the South Carolina State Quarterfinals. Hoog received the Coaches Award for Leadership and was also named team captain.

He decided to attend Newberry because of academics and the improving soccer program. “It was one of the few schools that I liked academically, that would also allow me to play soccer," he stated.

As a child, Hoog was interested in becoming a construction worker. “When I was little I always wanted to be a construction worker. Every time construction work would happen near my house, I would ask my parents to take me so I could watch them work,” he said.

In his free time, Hoog enjoys hiking and cheering on AJ Green and the Cincinnati Bengals. Before each game he likes to crack his back and neck. His favorite athletic achievement is scoring the game winning goal for his club’s team state championship.

Hoog likes to credit his parents for raising him to be a good person and constantly instilling strong morals in him. Something interesting about him is that he plans to one day tryout for American Ninja Warrior. Regarding his training he stated, “I train each and every day like it will be the last time I step on the field”.

Name: Jonathan Saullo

Favorite Food: Pizza

Major: Graphic Design

The redshirt junior from Beaufort, S.C. prepares for yet another season with the Wolves.

Saullo credits his mother for raising him to be a kind and humble person. "My mother taught me to be kind and humble. She also taught me to show compassion to others and also help others without expecting anything in return. The biggest thing I picked up was no matter how horrible things can be, there is always someone who has it worse. I should always be grateful for the things I have in my life," he stated.

He made his way to Newberry because of the soccer program and how welcoming the school was. While on campus, the team made him feel like he was part of a family. Saullo also liked not being far away from his family. Regarding his training, he said "I mentally and physically push myself to more limits than I more comfortable with. I also feed off my players motivation and their criticism to help me grow as a player."

In his free time he enjoys playing video games and cheering on Russell Westbrook and the Oklahoma City Thunder. Other than Westbrook, Inter Milan's Diego Milito is one of his favorite athletes. Before each game he sends out a prayer to his older brother Christopher, who passed away in a car accident.

One of his greatest athletic achievements is being the first JV player to score for his school in 14 years. Competing with his county all-star team and winning the championship is also one of his favorite achievements. As a child he aspired to become a professional soccer player or a video game designer. An interesting fact about Saullo is that he climbed to the top of the monastery on Skellig Michael Island in Ireland.

Name: Andres Silva

Favorite Food: Seafood

Major: Management

Hailing from Quito, Ecuador, Andres Silva enters his sophomore year of play for the Wolves.

Silva brought both international and NCAA Division I experience to Newberry. The center midfielder transferred from Saint Francis University (Pa.), having seen action in eight contests as a freshman in 2016. He originally hails from Ecuador but helped Chilean side club Deportivo Universidad Catolica win three national titles between 2009 and 2014. Since joining the Wolves he has started in three of the 11 matches that have been played.

In his free time he enjoys riding horses and supporting his favorite team FC Barcelona. Before each match he likes listening to music. As a child he aspired to become a soccer player and his greatest athletic achievement was training with a professional team during the pre-season. Something interesting about him is that he can play both the guitar and the violin.