On the Tee: Cameron Lamb

On the Tee: Cameron Lamb
Monday, September 27, 2010 | by Get to know your 2010-11 men's golfers with our On the Tee series.

Each week during the fall semester, NewberryWolves.com will feature a Q&A interview with a freshman member of the 2010-11 men's golf program. This week's installment highlights Cameron Lamb.

Full name: Cameron Lamb
Hometown: Easley, S.C.

Growing up, how did you get involved with the game of golf? Who or what drew you to the game?
My dad got me involved with golf because he was a club pro. He would often bring me to the course while he worked. All of my friends played the golf course as kids, so that drew me to play as well.

What is your favorite aspect of playing golf? Why?
What I like most about golf is that you don't need an opponent to play. You can go out on the course all by yourself and it's just you versus the course.

When did you first hear about Newberry College? What initially drew your interest about the school?
I first heard of Newberry College from a friend who played golf here several years ago. Coach McCants drew my attention to Newberry. His recruiting and time put towards me was the deciding factor for me to come to Newberry for golf.

What are some of your favorite non-golf related aspects of Newberry College? Of college life?
My favorite aspect of college life would have to be making new friends. There are so many friendly people at Newberry that it is hard not to make friends.

How much time per week do you spend devoted to your golf game? What are some things you do to practice and get better?
On most weeks I spend anywhere from 20-25 hours on the course each week. My practice consists of putting and chipping drills that I usually spend two hours trying to complete, hitting balls until I am satisfied with how I am swinging and at least nine holes.

What is your favorite non-golf related activity? Why?
My favorite activity that doesn't involve golf would be watching movies.

If you could play any other sport than golf at the collegiate level, what would it be? What position would you play?
If I didn't play golf I would want to be a wrestler.

What are some of the differences between college golf and the golf you've played at other levels?
In collegiate golf the completion is stronger, as expected. Also it is more difficult to qualify because of the quality, as well as quantity, of players we have on the team.

What are some of your personal and team goals while representing Newberry's golf program?
As of this year I would like to earn freshman of the year. In the future I would like to be on the national championship team when we take it all the way!

Thanks to Cameron for taking the time out of his busy schedule as a student-athlete to talk to NewberryWolves.com.