Tap-Ins: Brooks Massey

Tap-Ins: Brooks Massey
Thursday, September 10, 2009 | by Get to know your 2009-10 men's golfers with our weekly series

Each week, NewberryAthleticSite.com will feature a Q&A interview with a member of the 2009-10 men's golf program. This week's installment highlights freshman Brooks Massey.

Full Name: Russell Brooks Massey
Birthdate: December 14, 1990
Hometown: Lexington, S.C.

Growing up, how did you get involved with the game of golf? Who or what drew you to the game?
I hated golf when I was young and I only liked contact sports. Then, I quit basketball after my freshman year of high school and picked up golf because my dad was an avid golfer. He is the real reason that I'm where I am today. He taught me just about everything I know.

What is your favorite aspect of playing golf? Why?
I love the mental aspect of the game because you can't find it in any other sport. There is no other sport that tests your mental and physical ability the way golf does. I also love the fun and fellowship out on the course.

When did you first hear about Newberry College? What initially drew your interest about the school?
I heard about Newberry from my coach at the time, George Bryan. I was interested in the school because it was one of the few to offer me a spot on the golf team. I like the fact that Newberry is a small school where I can get a lot of attention and financial support academically and the College has a strong Lutheran background.

What are some of your favorite non-golf related aspects of Newberry College? Of college life?
I love just hanging out with all of my teammates and friends on campus. I also love being out on my own. It's so different from high school, but it's a good different.

How much time per week do you spend devoted to your golf game? What are some of the things you do to practice and get better?
I spend between two and four hours a day practicing or playing. I am very determined to get better. My practice sessions depend on what I think I need to work on. One day it could be shortgame and another it could be ballstriking. I just try to point out my weaknesses and work them out.

What is your favorite non-golf related activity? Why?
I actually have two. I love to play basketball and ping pong. I used to play basketball in high school and I still love it. I'm not trying to brag, but I've got a pretty good vertical. I also love ping pong. I used to play just about every day with my friends. It's so fun. I don't understand how you couldn't love it. If anyone wants to play, I would love the challenge.

If you could play any other sport other than golf at the collegiate level, what would it be? What position would you play?
I would play basketball, because that's my other sport. I would play three or small forward. I could play outside and inside.

What are some of the differences between college golf and the golf you've played at other levels?
In college golf, there is a lot more competition to actually get to play in a tournament. There are 17 other really good players fighting for those five spots, compared to high school where I played number one or two and didn't have to qualify.

What are some of your personal and team goals while representing Newberry's golf program?
One of my personal goals this first year is to just get some experience in college tournament play and have a little fun on the golf course with my teammates. On a large scale, the team goal is to win the South Atlantic Conference championship and a national championship, but if we all give it our best effort and have a good year as a team it will be a successful year.

Thanks to Brooks for taking the time out of his busy schedule as a student-athlete to talk to NewberryAthleticSite.com. Next week's focus will be on Kevin Britton.