BLOG: The Deuce
Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Good afternoon, welcome to the 2nd edition of my blog. I had a Marty McFly episode this weekend: I traveled back to 1955 when Jack Fleck beat Ben Hogan in an 18-hole playoff at The Olympic Club in San Francisco, which at the time, and still is, considered one of the greatest golf upsets of all time. Only to my surprise, I didn't indeed travel to San Francisco, and the year wasn't 1955, it was 2009 and I was at Hazeltine National Golf Club in Chaska, Minnesota! The Earth fell off of its axis after Y.E. Yang beat Tiger Woods, I'm not making that up!

Now, back to the present (you thought I was going to say future didn't you!). I am glad to say that my 2009-10 Freshmen are now on campus! In fact, Kevin Britton, from Palm City, Fla., just walked into my office and is telling me how he's embarrassed because an article mentioning his Florida Amateur scores (73-82) are posted for everyone to see. Right after Kevin walked in, Shaw James, from Charlotte walked in. Day two of orientation is over, only three left. I think during Day three of orientation, in an effort to pass the time, all freshmen going through orientation are going to have to remember everyone else's name and hometown.... and be quizzed on it! Stay tuned for the scores.

As freshmen matriculate to campus, that can only mean the returners are not far behind. Stephen Holmes, a junior from Chapin, sent me a text message last week saying how excited he is about the upcoming year. I know he speaks for all of his teammates, although John Allen Meetze, also a junior, and also from Chapin, has expressed concern over 6 a.m. workouts beginning in a couple of weeks. But, we gotta do sometimes what we gotta do. We have a lot to do before our first tournament, which some of you have seen, gets started on Sept. 19th at our own Honda of Columbia Fall Classic held at the Mid Carolina Club. We are very fortunate to have two quality venues to practice on - Mid Carolina and CC of Newberry. CC of Newberry has gotten into tremendous condition the last couple of months, kudos go to their staff and course superintendent. The Fall Classic begins a whirlwind of five events in five weeks... I love tournament golf! I am very much looking forward to 3 tournaments that we have not competed in before: The Laker Invitational hosted by Clayton State University, The Cougar/AFLAC Invitational hosted by Columbus State University, and The Southeast Region Preview. All three tournaments have very competitive fields and are played on great courses.

I would be remiss if I "tapped in" and finished without mentioning the dog days of recruiting coming to an end for Summer 2009. I had a great time going to the eight junior events I attended this summer. The staff at the SCJGA does such a great job in hosting tournaments and giving us coaches a great opportunity to evaluate the future pros of tomorrow! I guess Cheraw and Hartsville are just around the corner! I've been fortunate to host campus visits by a handful of very talented 2010 prospects, I've got my fingers crossed that Newberry ultimately becomes their school choice. In the meantime, it's back to the present (still thought I might say future...I know you did) with the great players here already and we are going to tee it up and have some fun!

Until the third edition of Golf Blog, I hope all of you get to polish off a couple more burgers and dogs and hole a few more putts before you put on that football helmet and cheer for your favorite team! But just remember in January and February, you read it here first: Florida beats Texas in the BCS Championship Game and New England beats Philadelphia in Super Bowl XLIV.