School-record 153 on SAC Commissioner's Honor Roll

School-record 153 on SAC Commissioner's Honor Roll
Thursday, June 29, 2017 | by Randall Stewart, Director of Athletic Communications

NEWBERRY – Newberry set a new school record by placing 153 student-athletes on the South Atlantic Conference Commissioner's Honor Roll following the spring semester.

In order to be eligible for inclusion to the Commissioner's Honor Roll, a student must compete in a SAC-sponsored sport and maintain a cumulative grade point average of 3.30 or higher. Forty-two additional student-athletes in sports not sponsored by the SAC (Cheer, Field Hockey, Scarlet Poms, and Wrestling) also met the requirements, giving Newberry 195 student-athletes overall with at least a 3.30 GPA.

Newberry's student-athletes were part of a record 1,703 conference-wide that earned recognition. Click here to read the full release from the South Atlantic Conference.

Eleven student-athletes completed the semester with a perfect 4.0 cumulative GPA: Andrew Crook (Baseball), Mariah Lee (Field Hockey), Peyton Hite (Football), Luke Gibson and Phoenix Roberts (Men's Basketball), Taylor Caldwell, Briana Clonta, and Chelsey Cunningham (Softball), Andrea Getz and Dragana Petkovska (Women's Basketball), and Marta Gomar (Women's Tennis).

Additionally, 17 Newberry teams sported a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher, led by women's tennis (3.509) and volleyball (3.502). Men's soccer was the highest-achieving men's team with a mark of 3.344.


2016-17 Newberry Student-Athletes on South Atlantic Conference Commissioner's Honor Roll

First Name Last Name Year Sport Major
Colin Allman Fr Baseball Business Administration
Dalton Coker Fr Baseball Accounting
Andrew Crook So Baseball History
Jonathan Elicier Fr Baseball Biology
Evan Estridge Fr Baseball Pre-Dental
Curren Fessler So Baseball PE/Leisure Services
Benjamin Herring Jr Baseball International Studies
Hunter Hill Jr Baseball Business Administration
Charles Hyman So Baseball Accounting
Samuel Jones Jr Baseball PE/Sport Masnagement
Zachery Kelly Sr Baseball PE/Sport Masnagement
Noah McBride Fr Baseball Undecided
Andrew Merritt Sr Baseball PE/Sport Masnagement
Thomas Passerello Jr Baseball Business Administration
Christian Pope So Baseball Biology
John Reynolds Jr Baseball Accounting
Colin Santiago Fr Baseball Business Administration
Trejon Smith Sr Baseball PE/Sport Masnagement
Jeffrey Sneed Sr Baseball Business Administration
Thomas Spangler So Baseball PE/Teacher Certification
Joshua Stempihar Fr Baseball PE/Teacher Certification
William Taylor Jr Baseball Business Administration
Daymon Totherow Sr Baseball Church Leadership/Youth Ministry
James Walton Jr Baseball Nursing
Zachary White Jr Baseball PE/Teacher Certification
Dylan Beauchamp So Football Nursing
Holden Beemiller Jr Football Business Administration
RaQuan Brown So Football Sociology
Troy Cann Fr Football PE/Teacher Certification
Travis Christmas Fr Football Biology
Dv'nn Cooks Fr Football Graphic Design
Wyatt Craig Fr Football Business Administration
Cole Eison Fr Football Forestry
Trey Goodwin Jr Football PE/Teacher Certification
Brian Gordon Fr Football PE/Teacher Certification
Orin Gregg Jr Football Elementary Education
Peyton Hite Fr Football English/Education
William Holbrook Jr Football Chemistry
Tyler Lindsay So Football Chemistry
Kinard Lisbon So Football Graphic Design
Johnnie Little So Football PE/Sport Masnagement
Andres Lopez So Football Business Administration
Emmanuel McCord So Football Sociology
Frank McCurry Fr Football Biology
Dakota Mozingo Jr Football PE/Teacher Certification
Adam Samuel Fr Football Business Administration
James Spigner Jr Football Psychology
Andrew Sprouse Fr Football Business Administration
Christian Tejada So Football Political Science
Kenjorie Ware Fr Football Sociology
Luke Gibson Fr M Basketball Accounting
Xavier Hill Jr M Basketball Psychology
Marshall Lange Fr M Basketball Undecided
Sikander Nielson Fr M Basketball Medical
Phoenix Roberts Fr M Basketball PE/Teacher Certification
Mason Spease Sr M Basketball Accounting
James Stepp Sr M Basketball Biology
Harry Bolton So M Golf PE/Sport Masnagement
Evan DeGrazia Sr M Golf Business Administration
Spencer Skiff Jr M Golf Business Administration
Benjamin Thompson So M Golf Business Administration
Jean van Niekerk So M Golf Business Administration
Eric Brody Fr M Soccer Criminal Justice
Davis Bryan Jr M Soccer Communications
Fabrizio Bucco So M Soccer International Studies
William Decker Jr M Soccer Business Administration
Bradley Dixon So M Soccer PE/Sport Masnagement
Quintin Eisner Fr M Soccer Sport Management
Conner Goulet Jr M Soccer Business Administration
Mark Hoog So M Soccer Biology/Environmental Studies
Quincy Kroeschell Jr M Soccer Graphic Design
Claus Lehland Fr M Soccer Business Administration
Tarek Malz Fr M Soccer Sport Management
Jamie McAvoy Fr M Soccer Sport Management
Zachary McCall Jr M Soccer Nursing
Nicholas McKee Fr M Soccer Digital Marketing
Cameron Provan Sr M Soccer Business Administration
Daniel Reyes Fr M Soccer International Studies
Jordan Szustwal So M Soccer PE/Sport Masnagement
Nicolas Vallejos Sr M Soccer Business Administration
Gabriel Ward Jr M Soccer Biology
Sterling Wendt Jr M Soccer Business Administration
Alex Amble So M Tennis Spanish
Nikhil Mannepalli So M Tennis Business Administration
Caleb Bouwkamp So Men's Cross Country Nursing
James Dennard Sr Men's Cross Country PE/Teacher Certification
Jorge Hernandez Fr Men's Cross Country Nursing
Carlos Hernandez Fr Men's Cross Country PE/Teacher Certification
Shelton Reynolds Fr Men's Cross Country Chemistry
Robert Stafford So Men's Cross Country Business Administration
Taylor Caldwell Fr Softball Nursing
Briana Clontz So Softball Elementary Education
Chelsey Cunningham Fr Softball Physical Therapy
Myranda Dills So Softball Biology
Hailey Draw Sr Softball PE/Teacher Certification
Mallory Gerndt Sr Softball Business Administration
Margarette Herrera Fr Softball Physical Education
Tatum Johnson Fr Softball Elementary Education
Christina Linton Sr Softball Graphic Design
Emily Marchbanks Jr Softball Mathematics/Education
Daphne Peyton Fr Softball Graphic Design
Madison Tepfenhart Sr Softball Nursing
Natalie Willis So Softball Elementary Education
Alexandra Bryant Jr Volleyball Graphic Design
Madison Darby-McClure Sr Volleyball English
Madison Garr So Volleyball Nursing
Madison Hargraves Jr Volleyball Elementary Education
Kensley Jordan So Volleyball Nursing
Margaret Marsh So Volleyball Nursing
Leah Minor Sr Volleyball PE/Teacher Certification
Cydney Shaw Jr Volleyball Nursing
Mary Siebert So Volleyball Sociology
Lauren Underwood Sr Volleyball Psychology
Natalie Willis So Volleyball Elementary Education
Shelby Britten So W Basketball Psychology/Forensic Psychology
Andrea Getz Fr W Basketball Physical Therapy
Nicola Handreck Jr W Basketball PE/Sport Masnagement
Samara Hill Jr W Basketball English/Education
Julie Kinard Fr W Basketball Undecided
Hannah Lepaio Jr W Basketball Psychology
Courtney Lyons So W Basketball Biology
Kelsey McDermott Fr W Basketball Sport Management
Dragana Petkovska Fr W Basketball Graphic Design
Jaya Schultz Sr W Basketball Business Administration
Alexandra Stasky So. W Basketball Accounting
Nabila Inak So W Golf Biology
Johana Lunackova Fr W Golf Physical Therapy
Karly Mims Jr W Golf Nursing
Makiyah English Fr W Lax Communications
Adara Garner So W Lax Mathematics   
Helen Kuhn Jr W Lax Biology
Kylee Shoop Jr W Lax Political Science
Courtlyn Warren Sr W Lax/Field Hockey Business Administration/Sport Management
Caitlyn Warren Sr W Lax/Field Hockey Business Administration/Sport Management
Amanda Carillo Jr W Tennis Business Administration
Lucia Davila Fr W Tennis Digital Marketing
Marta Gomar So W Tennis Business Administration
Veronika Viegas Jr W Tennis Business Administration
Elizabeth Williamson Sr W Tennis Biology/Environmental Studies
Britanni Barratt Fr Women's Cross Country Biology/Education
Rebecca Burkhardt Jr Women's Cross Country Psychology
Katy Crout So Women's Cross Country Biology/Environmental Studies
Hayden Francis So Women's Cross Country Communications
Kelly Cardew Sr Women's Soccer English
Elizabeth Guitierrez Sr Women's Soccer Sociology
Shannon Hetrick Jr Women's Soccer Nursing
Daphne Heyaime Fr Women's Soccer Digital Marketing
Ragan Hill So Women's Soccer Nursing
Lindsay Huber Sr Women's Soccer Early Childhood Education
Korina Martinez So Women's Soccer Biology
Valeria Newcomb Jr Women's Soccer Business Administration
Alyssa Ortega Jr Women's Soccer Elementary Education
Jessica Will Sr Women's Soccer Biology

2016-17 Newberry Student-Athletes in non-SAC sports meeting the requirements

First Name Last Name Year Sport Major
Shelbie Austin Jr Cheer Biology
David Brown Fr Cheer Elementary Education
Madeline Hunnicutt Fr Cheer Early Childhood Education
Sarah Judy Jr Cheer Nursing
Lindsey Manos Jr Cheer Middle Level Education/Math
Timmany Nesbitt Fr Cheer English
Mackenzie Pitt Fr Cheer Biology
Sarah Reed Sr Cheer Nursing
Abigail Stasky So Cheer Nursing
Gabrielle Bazemore Fr Field Hockey Sociology
Jessica Cooke Fr Field Hockey PE/Teacher Certification
Kayla Cooke Fr Field Hockey Biology
Allison Davis So Field Hockey Graphic Design
Megan Eisenhardt So Field Hockey Business Administration
Dakota Elzy Jr Field Hockey Forestry
Olivia Fraunfelter Jr Field Hockey PE/Teacher Certification
Megan Jolikko Fr Field Hockey PE/Teacher Certification
Brady Keeler Fr Field Hockey Elementary Education
Alyssa Kessler Fr Field Hockey English/Education
Mariah Lee Fr Field Hockey Chemistry
Kristyna Oyola Fr Field Hockey Chemistry
Amber Singer So Field Hockey Graphic Design
Haley Smith Fr Field Hockey PE/Sport Masnagement
Shannon Springer Fr Field Hockey Business Administration
Talya Stocksdale Sr Field Hockey Sociology
Elise Utne Fr Field Hockey Biology
Jordan Alvey Jr Scarlet Poms Biology
Kirsten Cockerham Sr Scarlet Poms PE/Sport Masnagement
Cera Gravely Jr Scarlet Poms Accounting
Kayla Hutto Sr Scarlet Poms Chemistry
Jenna Rabel Sr Scarlet Poms Business Administration
Madison Rosado Jr Scarlet Poms Early Childhood Education
Whitney Singleton Jr Scarlet Poms Criminal Justice
Frances Wylie Jr Scarlet Poms Early Childhood Education
Cody Brundage Sr Wrestling Middle Level Education
Zachary Clary Fr Wrestling English/Education
Austin Crocker So Wrestling Criminal Justice
Trung Duong Sr Wrestling English
Lukas Gilmore Sr Wrestling Biology
Nicholas Hall Jr Wrestling PE/Leisure Services
Michael Neal Fr Wrestling Biology
Nicholas Young Jr Wrestling PE/Teacher Certification