Men's Basketball speaks at Whitmire Community School

Men's Basketball speaks at Whitmire Community School
Thursday, October 30, 2008

WHITMIRE, S.C. - Members of the Newberry College men's basketball team traveled down the road to the Whitmire Community School this week to speak to the young Wolverines on the importance of education and athletics.

Seniors Vytautas Valiulis (Vilnius, Lithuania), Ty Overmyer (Dawsonville, Ga.) and Clemente Martin (Freeport, Bahamas), as well as juniors Phillip Udom (Imo, Nigeria) and Kendrick Johnson (Orangeburg, S.C.) spoke with head coach Jeremy Luther and assistant coach Travis Dotterer.

"Having a chance to speak to these kids about the importance of academics and athletics was very rewarding," Luther said. "Our athletes have been given a great opportunity to continue their education because of athletics. I want our team to value their opportunity, and being able to share and inspire young kids is a great responsibility that we do not take lightly."

"Whitmire Community School has been lucky enough to have the support of Newberry College's men's basketball team and coaches in our new Big Brother program," said WCS assistant principal Lindsey Arrington. "Our elementary and middle school boys were really excited about meeting their new role models. After they left, the team was all they talked about.

"Whitmire Community School is looking forward to working with the team and getting them involved in our school. I know the boys are thrilled about going to Newberry College to some games and cheering on the players as well," Arrington added.

The team will travel to the school multiple times throughout the season to continue to mentor the boys at WCS in the Big Brother program.