Newberry's Clemente Martin featured in The Freeport News
Tuesday, May 15, 2007 | by Indians' all-conference performer noted in hometown newspaper

FREEPORT, Bahamas - Newberry College men's basketball player Clemente Martin was featured in Monday's edition of his hometown newspaper, The Freeport News.

The redshirt sophomore forward was a second team all-South Atlantic Conference selection in 2006-07, averaging 13.3 points and 6.2 rebounds per game. He also recorded a double-double against Wingate, with 24 points and 14 rebounds in January.

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Founded in 1856, Newberry College is affiliated with the South Carolina, Southeastern, Florida-Bahamas, and Caribbean Synods of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.  Newberry is a proud member institution of the NCAA Division II and the South Atlantic Conference, a league comprised of eight colleges and universities in North and South Carolina and Tennessee.

Clemente excels at Newberry
from The Freeport News (
By Andrew Coakley
FN Sports Editor

When Clemente Martin left Freeport three years ago, he slipped from the local basketball scene quietly, bound for the United States, carrying a whole lot of potential and ability.

Not one to be quick to grab the spotlight in the press, Clemente did most of his talking on the basketball court. So when Martin found his picture on the cover of his college basketball program, he was more than shocked.

"I didn't even imagine that I would be on the cover of some magazine," said Martin, in an interview with The Freeport News. "I was very surprised to see that. But it felt good."

Martin, who is home for summer break from Newberry College in South Carolina, was featured on the school's basketball program, along with another player.

The appearance on the magazine was not by chance.

Since beginning to play for Newberry College, Martin has been impressing the coaches there, averaging 15 points, 14 rebounds, four assists and one block per game. Martin gets to play 32 minutes per game.

"Things have been going great for me," said Martin. "I accomplished more my first year, and its been getting better up to this year, and I'm hoping that things continue to look up for me, not just while I'm in college, but even after I graduate."

Martin got his college basketball career off to a great start making the freshman All Conference team in his first year. This year he made the second team All Conference team and was also named Player of the Week.

Martin said that it was not hard adjusting to life in South Carolina, because where he stays is similar to Freeport, in terms of the quiet, laid-back atmosphere. Although there are more things to do in South Carolina than there are here in Grand Bahama.

But Martin says that he tries to remain focused on his school work as well as on trying to improve his game.

While the atmosphere may seem somewhat the same for Martin, the game of basketball is somewhat different.

"The competition level is different," said Martin. "Here at home you have to be a more aggressive player, but when you go to college, you will find that the game is more mental.

"Of course, you still play aggressively, but I've found that they don't place their focus on the aggression, but on trying to outwit your opponent. It's a mind game more than anything else."

Martin said that he's been focusing on trying to balance the two in order to have great games. And so far, he's been having a few seasons of great games.

Martin said that his coach is impressed with his game and feels good about his potential as a player.

When Martin graduated from Freeport Anglican High and took off for college, while he was tall, he was a bit lanky. But three years in college and one could see the difference in the former Warrior player.

Not only has Martin grown taller, but he's put on some muscle mass, making him appear even more imposing. He credits that to the intense training they must endure on a regular basis.

"Sometimes the work-out is rigorous, but in the long run it pays off, especially on the court," said Martin.

Clemente says he has about two more years at Newberry College, after which time he hopes to have attained a degree in Business Administration and Sports Marketing.

Once he graduates from college, Martin says for him "the sky is the limit," particularly when it comes to his basketball career.

"I would love to continue to play ball on a higher level, but I have to look at both sides of the picture," said Martin. "There are a lot of people who have a desire to play in the NBA or in Europe, but never make it. So, I have to be real about it and prepare myself for anything.

"I do know that I'm willing to go as far as basketball can take me."