Welcome from Lettermen's Club

Newberry College has experienced much success in athletics. As former Lettermen, all of you share in the success of these athletes and are invited to become a member of the Lettermen's Club. It is our purpose, as members of the Lettermen’s Club, to promote the welfare of all Newberry College athletic programs. The Lettermen’s Club places special emphasis on the recognition of former outstanding athletes at the annual Hall of Fame Banquet and rewards current athletes with Block N Letters. In 2009, we reinstated the senior athlete awards to those seniors who have lettered.

All members are encouraged to participate in the Lettermen’s Club by volunteering to serve on the board, by encouraging fellow Lettermen to join the club, by nominating an outstanding athlete for the Hall of Fame, and by attending the Hall of Fame banquet in the Fall. The Hall of Fame Nomination Form and Lettermen’s Club Membership Application can be found on this website.

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History of the Hall of Fame

The Lettermen's Club was organized in 1976 for the purpose of recognizing and celebrating the accomplishments of Newberry College's athletes over the years. Soon after its organization, the Club established the Newberry College Hall of Fame and adopted guidelines for being inducted into the Hall of Fame. Since its inception in 1976, over 200 athletes have been inducted.

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Mission Statement

The objective of the Lettermen's Club shall be to promote the welfare of Newberry College with special emphasis directed to the Athletic Program and to elect former outstanding Newberry College athletes to the Newberry College Athletic Hall of Fame.

Membership Eligibility

Any person who has received a Block N or lettered for participating in Athletics or as a cheerleader while attending Newberry College is eligible for membership.

Annual Membership

To become an active member of the Lettermen's Club, complete the Annual Membership Application and enclose your check for $35. Annual dues are set by the Club's Board of Directors to offset Hall of Fame recognition expenses, letters for current athletes, and general administrative expenses incurred by the Club. Annual membership will run from July 1st of the year dues are received until June 30th of the following year.

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Officers and Board of Directors
President Michael Cruickshanks '01
Vice President John Lesaine '07
Treasurer Milton Price '79
Secretary Janet Parkman Jordan '78
Immediate Past President Zeb Reid '02
Board Members

Matt DeWitt ‘02
Jason Jolley ‘00
Gretchen Haskett '04
Brian Shealy '04
Jeff Wicker '02
Bob Winters '66
Jason Black '98
Shawn Carnes '02
Parkes Coggins '05
Amanda Pennekamp Bluestein '04
Leigh Ann Poole '02
Wylie Rucker '98
Jessica Shealy '07
Jef Waites '99
Mandy Waites '99

Social Chair: Gretchen Haskett

Social Media Chair: John Lesaine

Membership Chair: Matt DeWitt

New Board Member Selection: Jason Jolley

Hall of Fame Committee Chair: John Lesaine