Transcript of Coach Knight's Digital Media Day comments available

Transcript of Coach Knight's Digital Media Day comments available
Friday, August 4, 2017 | by Randall Stewart, Director of Athletic Communications

NEWBERRY – Head coach Todd Knight's comments from the South Atlantic Conference's annual Digital Media Day are available below.

Knight, along with his SAC colleagues and league commissioner Patrick Britz, took questions from fans and media for 15 minutes each.

2017 SAC Digital Media Day Transcript

South Atlantic Conference: Up next is Coach Knigh from the 2016 SAC Champions Newberry. Welcome Coach ... If you can give us your thoughts on the season we will open it up for questions!

Todd Knight: We've always been the hunter in the league. Now all of a sudden the role has changed and we've become the hunted. I'm excited to see how our kids respond to this new role we have.

SAC: Coach Knight, tell us what is going to take to repeat as SAC Champs!?

TK: A lot of luck to start off with! Our league is so competitive and everybody is so close. There's not a field goal in between any of us on any given Saturday. I think each game will really come down to three or four plays, just like I tell our kids every week. I think it'll really be something that simple--pick out four or five plays.

SAC: You have a ton of players on the preseason teams... who do you think is flying under the radar and is going to have the breakout season?

TK: Our tailback, Darius Clark, could be poised for a breakout season. We moved him to the tailback spot from wide receiver in spring ball and he won the starting job. I was really impressed with him in the spring.

SAC: Playing at The Citadel will be exciting. Do you think a game down there in Charleston will help with recruiting?

TK: Charleston has always been a hotbed of recruiting for us. I think just getting our face out there in Charleston that day will be beneficial for us. I just hope we have a good show. We've got so many players already on the team from Charleston, Baptiste Staggers being one of the main ones. Darius Clark, LaQuan White, Rameak Smith are all from there and are key guys for us. Josh Spigner too. And three of our NFL guys came from that area as well.

SAC: Who is your starting qb?

TK: Good question! It'll be Nick Jones. He got some good reps last year and you could see his confidence growing.

SAC: Is Blue your boy lol? ... I digress, who do you think is Newberry's biggest rival and do you think your recent success will help grown rivalies?

TK: Playing for the Bishops' Trophy against Lenoir-Rhyne is always a huge game for us. There's only 20-something trophy games in all of Division II so that one is always very special. I think our kids really look at Mars Hill as a big rivalry as well.

SAC: Talk about playing in the South Atlantic Conference and the toughness of the League this year. The news is that the League is going to be very competitive.

TK: It ALWAYS is competitive year in and year out. In my opinion, it's the best small-college football league in the country. I look at our league like we're a small version of the SEC when it comes to Division II football.

Heck, in some years the SEC isn't even as competitive as our league. Alabama tends to blow people out. With the parity in our league, we don't really have that. I'm proud to coach in such a great league.

SAC: I heard you making the media rounds yesterday. When are the players reporting back to campus?

TK: Players will report on Monday morning. Practice starts Tuesday at 9:30. We'll go every day until school starts on the 22nd.

SAC: Thank you coach we appreciate your time.