Football Practice Report No. 8

Football Practice Report No. 8
Thursday, August 14, 2008

NEWBERRY, S.C. - The Newberry College football team is nearing the end of preseason camp, with the scarlet and gray preparing for Saturday's scrimmage. The scrimmage will start at 10 a.m. Saturday at Setzler Field. We caught up with the coordinators on the general outlook on both sides of the ball.

Defensive coordinator Todd Knight:
On the depth of his defensive unit: "As far as the two-deep is concerned, I'd say we're there and we've actually got enough depth that we could play a third crowd all the way around. We're still trying to look for a third guy in a spot or two that are question marks at this point. If it stays like that, we're in great shape. The depth's not the issue, it's our execution that's the issue. We need to make sure we're playing mistake free football and intense football and those are the two things I'm looking for right now."

On his team's intensity and execution as camp nears its close: "We might be dragging a little bit because camp is coming to an end, and it may have gotten a little old to them. But we can't have days like that, it's unacceptable. I went through every position in film today when we met as a unit and I told the defensive line there's too many mental mistakes, I told the linebacker corps they weren't aggressive enough and the secondary, from a technical standpoint, weren't playing coverage they way I'd like them to play it. So every position has room for improvement."

Would your team be ready to play if the first game was this weekend?: "We'd be ready. There's no question about it, we'd be ready. If they couldn't amp themselves up, that's my job. We'd be ready."

Offensive coordinator Todd Varn:
On the overall offensive outlook: "We're throwing the ball well, and we're protecting pretty well for this point in camp, but the injury bug hit us today. There's a bunch down, but they're injuries that they can come back from early and they're not devastating injuries, but they are reps that aren't being taken. The one good thing about that is there are some guys who are going to have to play this year who are getting some of those reps. It's a good thing and a bad thing at the same time."

On the offense's execution: "It's good right now, but their legs are getting a little tired and it's not as crisp as it was. We're doing a lot of running and running a lot before practice, so the legs are as little tired. The tempo's where we need it to be right now though."

On the potential depth chart for the offense: "The injuries skew it a little bit, but the two-deep looks good right now. We've got the two-deep set across the board. There are a couple of freshmen involved in that, but they're good freshmen, that's why we recruited them. We're sitting good, we've just got to get those guys back from injury."

Would your team be ready to play if the first game was this weekend?: "We'd be ready and we could execute a game plan. We've got all of the phases of it in, there's still a few things to add. Basically the next two weeks will be all review, there's really nothing else to put in."