Wolves' baseball team continues to show support for community

Wolves' baseball team continues to show support for community
Wednesday, September 26, 2012

NEWBERRY - On September 11, members of the Newberry College baseball team spent a day in the life of a fireman at the Newberry City Fire Department.

Chief Keith Minick and his staff spent several hours with the members of the team. They learned about the daily activities a fireman has when they are on the job.

They were able to participate in several activities during their visit. They suited up in full gear, simulated being in a house full of smoke and went up 100 feet in the air on their lift.

The baseball team would like to thank the Newberry Fire Department not only for spending time with them, but a big thanks for what they do for our community.

“This was truly a tremendous opportunity for our players and coaches," said head coach Russell Triplett. "We had a chance to show appreciation to our fire department on 9/11 and learn at the same time. As our program continues to move in the right direction, we want to be more involved and reach out to the people who make Newberry such a special place.

“Being from a family with members of the FDNY, it was great to spend time with the members of the Newberry Fire Department,” said senior Matt Gaine.

The fire station is just like a home," junior Anthony Siler said. "The firefighters eat, sleep and hang out there like a big family.”

“I never realized how heavy their gear was until I suited up,” said sophomore Alex Kirby.