Dr. David Rachels
Faculty Athletics Representative
PHONE: (803) 321-5189 EMAIL: david.rachels@newberry.edu
Dr. David Rachels

Dr. David Rachels was named as Faculty Athletics Representative by Newberry College President Dr. Maurice Scherrens in December 2015.

Dr. Rachels is professor of English and chair of the department of humanities.

The Faculty Athletic Representative is appointed by the president of the College to serve as a liaison to promote communication and cooperation between academics and athletics. The FAR advocates for the overall well-being of the College’s student-athletes and ensures that athletic policies support the academic integrity of the institution.

“Dr. Rachels understands the concept of student-athlete and appreciates the importance of maintaining an environment that promotes excellence in both the classroom and on the fields or courts of competition,” said Newberry College president Dr. Maurice Scherrens.

With 55 percent of the student body engaged in one of the College’s 17 NCAA sports, cheerleading and dance, intercollegiate athletics plays a major role in the lives of many Newberry students. 

“While athletics is a valuable part of college life, the academic success of our student-athletes is our highest priority,” said Dr. David Rachels, professor of English and chair of the Department of Humanities. “As Faculty Athletic Representative, I look forward to helping Newberry College maintain a balance between the powerful enrichment of sports and our primary goal of educating young men and women.”  

The Faculty Athletic Representative also ensures the standards of the National Collegiate Athletic Association are upheld and that the Newberry College athletics program meets the same high standards of quality expected of any of the institution’s business units. 

“The role of FAR is critical within an athletic program,” Scherrens said. “I look forward to working with him as we continue to cultivate a program dedicated to providing opportunities for student-athletes to excel in sports and the classrooms.”