To maintain growth throughout Newberry College Athletics, we continue to need your support.  Athletic needs for 2013-14 include football and baseball facilities, practice gear, traveling/recruiting expenses and athletic scholarships.  These vital expenses are a major part of the success of the Newberry Athletic Department.  Your support ensures another outstanding year for growth and winning in the following ways:

  • Helps provide athletic scholarships to male and female athletes who earn their education while bringing pride and recognition to the college;
  • Allows Newberry College teams to train on athletic equipment and utilize technology to further winning strategies, and;
  • Facilitates team building experiences, individual and team recognition and the experience of participating in collegiate sports.

Thank you for giving to the Newberry College Athletic Club.  Your gift makes the difference in a college athlete’s life.

Methods of Giving
Click here to donate by credit card

Cash Gifts: These provide immediate help for the entire Wolves sports program.  Payments may be spread over the course of 12 months, however, payment must be received by July 31st for football parking eligibility. 

Gifts in Kind: For some supporters, it may be easier to provide goods and services instead of cash.  Contact the Athletic Club office for more information.

Matching Gifts: Many companies have a matching gift program that doubles the value of your gift at no extra cost to you.  Ask your employer for information concerning a matching-gift program for higher education.

Planned Giving: The Athletic Club has an Endowment Committee in place to assist anyone who might wish to endow a scholarship or contribute to one which already exists.  Gifts such as real property, life insurance, stocks and bequests are appreciated and accepted.