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Mission Statement:
Newberry College Athletic Training Department strives to provide the highest quality of health care to its student-athletes. The Moore Center for Orthopedics located in Lexington, SC provides the Newberry Sports Medicine team 4 Team Physicians, 3 full-time Certified Athletic Trainers, a licensed physical therapist, and is supported by 4 Newberry College Certified Athletic Training Interns. We are responsible for providing various medical services for over 500 student-athletes in 17 Division II varsity sports as well as Cheer and Dance, all competing in the South Atlantic Conference. Our goal is to help prevent and manage athletic related injuries and illnesses, with our primary emphasis being to educate the student athlete in good health maintenance and injury care. We believe that athletic training is an integral part of the health care team at Newberry College and is essential for the health and well-being for our student-athletes.
Hours of Operation:

M,T,TH,F8:00am – 11:30am General Treatment
                                                1:00pm – 2:30pm General Treatment
                                                2:30pm Practice and Game Preparation
W7:00am – 10:00am General Treatment
                                                12:00pm – 2:30pm Practice and Game Preparation
Sat-SunIn-Season Practice and Game Coverage Only


Staff Bios
ATS Athlete Portal and Directions
Visiting Athletic Training Info
Emergency Action Plans
Campus Map
Concussion Policy
Insurance Policy
Moore Center for Orthopedics

Staff Bios­­­­­­­­­­­

John Lopez – Assistant Athletic Director for Athletic Training / Head Athletic Trainer
Phone: (803) 321-5170
Cell:  (410) 302-2764
Fax: (830) 321-5169

Lopez joins Newberry from Coppin State University, where he served as the director of sports medicine and as the head athletic trainer for the Eagles. Lopez is a certified member of the National Athletic Trainers’ Association, Mid-Atlantic Athletic Trainers’ Association and the South Carolina Athletic Trainers’ Association. Throughout his career Lopez has worked with many different athletes ranging from youth competitors to professional football players. From 1976-79 Lopez worked with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers of the National Football League, before being named the head athletic trainer of the Baltimore Colts. Lopez joined the Colts in Indianapolis and worked with the franchise from 1979-84. Lopez is a co-founder of the Ed Block Courage Award, a national charity dedicated to fighting child abuse, and now serves as a Board Member Emeritus. In 2012, Lopez was inducted into the National Athletic Trainers’ Association Hall of Fame, following up his 2011 induction to the Mid-Atlantic Athletic Trainers’ Association Hall of Fame and 2005 induction to the Maryland Athletic Trainers’ Association Hall of Fame. Lopez graduated from the University of Tampa with a degree in Physical Education.

Jeff Coulter – Head Football Athletic Trainer
Phone: (803) 321-5184
Cell: (803) 673-9498
Fax: (803) 321-5169

Jeff joined the Moore Center for Orthopedics Athletic Training Outreach Staff and Newberry College in the summer or 2012.  Jeff is a graduate of Wingate University where he earned his BS in Athletic Training graduating in 2010.  From there he went to The Citadel where he completed his masters in Health Exercise and Sports Science and worked with The Citadel Football team.  Jeff’s primary assignment is the Head Football Athletic Trainer but he also covers the Men’s and Women’s Golf Teams and assists with any special events on Newberry’s campus.  Outside of Athletic Training Jeff enjoys exercise, spending time with his fiancée Katie, and playing with their dog Jackson.


Sarah Lyon, MS, ATC, SCAT, ROT – Assistant Athletic Trainer
Phone: (803) 321-5170
Cell: (803) 543-1706
Fax: (803) 321-5169

Originally a native of Clymer, N.Y., Sarah joined the Moore Center for Orthopedics and Newberry College Athletic Training Staff in August 2012. Sarah graduated summa cum laude from Kean University (N.J.) with a Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training and minors in health education and psychology in 2010. Upon completion of her undergraduate degree Sarah continued her educational career at East Stroudsburg University (Pa.) where she earned a Master of Science degree in Athletic Training in the summer of 2011. During her time at ESU Sarah worked as a Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer for Mansfield University as well as completed internship hours with Susquehannah Health Sports Medicine, which allowed her to become a Registered Orthopedic Technologist. Sarah is currently the athletic trainer for the women’s soccer, men’s basketball, and men’s and women’s tennis teams here at Newberry College. Besides working as an athletic trainer, Sarah also the adjunct professor for Kinesiology and Exercise Physiology at Newberry and served as the clinical coordinator for the new athletic training minor. In her spare time Sarah is also a member of the South Carolina Storm women’s semi-professional basketball team based out of Spartanburg, S.C.

Mary Kate Griffin – Athletic Training Intern
Phone: 803) 321-5170
Fax: (803) 321-5169

Christine Muller – Athletic Training Intern
Phone: 803) 321-5170
Fax: (803) 321-5169

Kaitlyn Overly – Athletic Training Intern
Phone: (803) 321-5170
Fax: (803) 321-5169

ATS Athlete Portal and Directions

Dear New Athlete,

We are pleased to announce that we have gone completely digital in the athletic training department. Although you may have already completed your physical packet and email and/or faxed it to us, you need to go to the link below and update physical packet online. Step by step directions are listed below to access the online packet.

We will still need a front and back copy of your current insurance card and a current physical exam (completed by a physician) emailed or faxed to our department if you have not already done so.

Again we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause; however, it will allow us to provide more efficient medical care. Thank you and if you have any questions please call the athletic training office at 803-321-5170.

Go to the following link:

Username: new
Password: new
Database: ATSNewberry

Once logged in, there will be a series of questions for you to answer. Your ID should be entered as your NEWBERRY STUDENT ID #. You can create any password that is easy for you to remember (this will be used to log in for rehab so write it down). Once you click verify athlete at the bottom of the page, more tabs will pop up with more information you need to complete. There is a tab for athlete forms. This will be your compliance packet. Please read all the forms CAREFULLY and sign and date them. To sign you must take you mouse and sign your signature. Typing your name will cause the program to not accept the signature and you will not be able to proceed. There are 16 forms in the forms section. Please complete all the ones that are relevant to your sport (two are for football ONLY and one is for FEMALES only).


Please submit the paper work files for the following:

Physical Exam (competed by a MD, Nurse Practioner or Physician’s Assistant!...not a PT, or Chiropractor)

Sickle Cell Trait Test Results (MANDATORY!! all races) - Sickle Cell Policy 

ADHD letter documentation from your physician - ADHD Letter

Visiting Team Information

Newberry College Athletic Training
Visiting Team Information

Dear Fellow Athletic Trainer:

Welcome to Newberry College. While you and your team are on our campus, the athletic training room and all of our equipment will be made accessible to you. A certified athletic trainer will be available for all home varsity events. If your teams are traveling without a certified athletic trainer please notify us at least 2 weeks in advance of the event. We will require a letter or prescription from a certified athletic trainer or physician for modality use. Please feel free to contact a member of the athletic training staff if you have any questions.

Athletic Training Services

Emergency Care Facilities

Doctors Care
(803) 276-2186
1400 Wilson Rd, Newberry, SC 29108
Newberry County Memorial Hospital
(803) 276-7570
2669 Kinard St, Newberry, SC 29108          

Newberry Wal-Mart Pharmacy
(803) 276-2211
2812 Main St, Newberry SC 29018

Emergency Action Plans
Newberry College Emergency Action Plan: General

Note: The Head Athletic Trainer will contact the Director of Athletics if he has not been informed of the situation. If the Director of Athletics calls the onsite athletic trainer directly, please provide all information possible.

Note: For Newberry County, any unconscious student-athlete will be transported to Palmetto Richland Hospital, the closest Level 1 trauma center.

Eleazer Arena Emergency Plan

  1. The onsite athletic trainer should evaluate the injured Student-Athlete. If an emergency situation exists they should activate the primary emergency action plan for Eleazer Arena.
  2. The assisting individual should activate the EMS system while the onsite athletic trainer completes his/her primary and secondary survey. Any relevant information should be communicated with the 911 dispatcher.
  3. The contact person should direct the ambulance to turn right off Evan St. onto Luther St. and then go outsideand direct the ambulance to the appropriate entrance into the arena. This should be the back right hand door into the gym which allows direct access to the gym and is an easily controlled area.
  4. When EMS arrives the onsite athletic trainer should communicate all necessary information about the injury, the patient’s vital signs and any relevant history.
  5. If possible a copy of the student’s emergency info and insurance information should be ready to go with him/her. 

Wrestling Gym Emergency Action Plan

Smith Road Complex Baseball Emergency Action Plan

Smith Road Complex Softball Emergency Action Plan

Smith Road Complex Soccer Emergency Action Plan

Soccer Practice Field Emergency Plan

Lee Atwater Field Emergency Plan

Setzler Field Emergency Action Plan

Note: During all home football contests EMS will be provided by Newberry Fire and Rescue for onsite services.
Note: During all home football contests a Moore Clinic physician will be present.

Cannon Tennis Courts Emergency Action Plan

Concussion Policy
The Consensus Statement on Concussion in Sport: The 4th International Conference on Concussion in Sport Held in Zurich, November 2012 defines concussion as the following:

A panel discussion regarding the definition of concussion and its separation from mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) was held. There was acknowledgement by the Concussion in Sport Group (CISG) that although the terms mTBI and concussion are often used interchangeably in the sporting context and particularly in the US literature, others use the term to refer to different injury constructs.
Concussion is the historical term representing low velocity injuries that cause brain ‘shaking’ resulting in clinical symptoms and that are not necessarily related to a pathological injury. Concussion is a subset of TBI and will be the term used in this
document. It was also noted that the term commotio cerebri is often used in European and other countries. Minor revisions were made to the definition of concussion, which is defined as follows:
Concussion is a brain injury and is defined as a complex pathophysiological process affecting the brain, induced by biomechanical forces. Several common features that incorporate clinical, pathologic and biomechanical injury constructs that may be utilised in defining the nature of a concussive head injury include:

1. Concussion may be caused either by a direct blow to the head, face, neck or elsewhere on the body with an ‘‘impulsive’ force transmitted to the head.

2. Concussion typically results in the rapid onset of short-lived impairment of neurological function that resolves spontaneously. However, in some cases, symptoms and signs may evolve over a number of minutes to hours.

3. Concussion may result in neuropathological changes, but the acute clinical symptoms

4. Concussion results in a graded set of clinical symptoms that may or may not involve loss of consciousness. Resolution of the clinical and cognitive symptoms typically follows a sequential course. However, it is important to note that in some cases symptoms may be prolonged.

Immediate Management Plan: Any student-athlete presenting to a Moore Center for Orthopedics physician, athletic trainer or other healthcare provider exhibiting signs and/or symptoms of concussion shall be removed from all activity for the remainder of that day.  If a student-athlete reports signs or symptoms of concussion to a coach, or if a coach notices signs and symptoms of concussion, a Newberry College Certified Athletic Trainer shall be notified immediately, and that student-athlete’s care will be transferred to the athletic trainer.  If a Certified Athletic Trainer is not onsite, the coach shall contact a Staff Athletic Trainer via cell phone.  If the concussion occurs during an away competition, and a Newberry College Certified Athletic Trainer is unavailable, the Certified Athletic Trainer covering the event shall be notified immediately, and the Immediate Management Plan will be followed accordingly.  Signs and symptoms of concussion, according to the Sport Concussion Assessment Tool 2 (SCAT2) are as follows:

A Certified Athletic Trainer shall evaluate the student-athlete using the Sport Concussion Assessment Tool (SCAT2), and those results shall be documented.  If the student-athlete is visiting from another school, the results shall be returned to the school with the student-athlete.

Post Event Management Plan: If a Newberry College Athletic Training Intern responded to the injury, he/she will report the concussion to his/her supervising Staff Athletic Trainer with all accompanying documentation.

The supervising Staff Athletic Trainer will refer all student-athletes with a suspected concussion for evaluation by a physician at the Moore Center for Orthopedics Sport Concussion Center 48-72 hours following the concussive event.  The physician will determine when to begin progressing the student-athlete through the Return to Activity Protocol as outlined in the Consensus Statement on Concussion in Sport:  The 4th International Conference on Concussion in Sport Held in Zurich, November 2012 

A student-athlete will not return to sport until cleared by a physician at the Moore Center for Orthopedics Sport Concussion Center.

The student-athlete will be provided with the following instructions:

The student-athlete and the coaching staff  are  expected to adhere to the aforementioned instructions until  the athlete  is seen by a physician at Moore Center for Orthopedics Sport Concussion Center, until the physician clears them.

Academic Accommodations: A Staff Athletic Trainer will complete a Report of Concussion Form (Appendix) and attach it to an email sent to the Director of Academic and Special Services.  When the student-athlete is evaluated at The Sport Concussion Center, a physician will issue a document outlining appropriate academic accommodations.  The student-athlete will then provide a copy of this document to the Director of Academic and Special Services.

Return to Play: Student-Athletes that have been diagnosed with a concussion must be cleared by a physician at Moore Center for Orthopedics Sport Concussion Center, before they can return to full activity.  The student-athlete will be required to complete the ZURICH RTP Protocol administered by a Newberry Staff or Moore Center for Orthopedics athletic trainer.  The RTP protocol will be a 6 day progression that will start the first day that the student-athlete has no symptoms as indicated by the daily symptom check sheet also administered by a Newberry Staff or Moore Center for Orthopedics athletic trainer.  The protocol is as follows:

Day 1 

Symptom Free 


Day 2 

20 min Bike 


Day 3 

20 Jogging 

Day 4 

20 min sprint & Wt Lifting 

Day 5 


Day 6 

Full Participation 

Insurance Policy

All Newberry College student-athletes MUST have a primary health insurance policy that includes minimum of $10,000 of athletic injury coverage.  Newberry College provides secondary insurance coverage for all student-athletes as required by the NCAA. If a student-athlete sustains an injury, and he/she is referred by a Newberry College Athletic Training staff member to receive care beyond the staff’s capabilities and/or qualifications, the student-athlete’s primary insurance will be filed first. As soon as the primary insurance has made payment, Newberry College’s secondary insurance will then be filed. After both insurances have been filed, any remaining balance is the student-athlete’s responsibility. Newberry College will make no direct payment for medical expenses incurred as a result of athletic practice or competition outside the limitation of our secondary insurance policy.

It is the responsibility of the student-athlete to notify Newberry College Athletic Training of any changes in or lapses of coverage. If a student-athlete fails to notify Newberry College Athletic Training of such changes or lapses, he/she is solely responsible for any chargers incurred. If a student-athlete chooses to obtain medical care without the referral of a Newberry College Athletic Training staff member, he/she is responsible for the filing of proper paperwork with his/her insurance company and Newberry College Athletics secondary insurance policy.

Newberry College Athletics secondary insurance will be filed for injuries sustained as a direct result of participation in Newberry College Athletics sponsored events only.

How to File a Claim:

To process your claim please COPY and submit the following the following three pieces of information:

  1. Completed and Signed Claim Form (enclosed)
  2. Itemized Bills
  3. Explanation of Benefits from your Primary Insurance Carrier

These documents should be mailed or faxed to:
            A-G Administrators, Inc
            Claims Department
            PO Box 979
            Valley Forge, PA 19482
            Fax: (610) 933-4122
            Phone: (610) 933-0800
            Toll Free: (800) 634-8628

  1. The Claim Form (enclosed) enables AG Administrators to open a claim for the treatment of the injury.  To avoid delays in claims processing, please be sure the “Other Insurance” portion of the claim form is completed in full.
  2. Itemized Bills: Please include copies of all medical bills, showing the name and address of the provider of service, date of service, type of service and the charges.  Account statements or “balance due” statements are helpful but do not contain all the information necessary to process the charges.
  3. Explanation of Benefits: All claims must first be submitted to your Primary Insurance Carrier for their determination of eligibility.  If the charges are not paid in full by that carrier, AG Administrators must receive a copy of the Explanation of Benefits from the carrier prior to issuing benefits from their office.

If you have any questions please contact the Newberry College Athletic Training Department (803) 321-5170, or AG Administrators at (800) 643-8628 or go to