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BLOG: The Last Dragon

Hello Newberry Golf Fans!  Greetings from Newberry, South Carolina!!  Lauren and I rolled into town about 2:30 yesterday afternoon and I think I can speak for her when I say we are glad to be back.  She and I were doing mileage calculations in our head and we figured we had driven 6, 300-6,400 from when we left on May 21.  We loved every mile!

Today was back to business.  Myself and John Allen Meete, a rising senior from Chapin, were out at the short game facility early this morning applying some round-up to the crab-grass that had grown around the practice teeing areas the last 3 weeks.  John Allen has been a huge help since we have been gone, kind of our caretaker.  I won't have any problem in about 10 years having John Allen as my personal doctor, I know he will make a fantastic physician.  After tending to the practice facility, it was e-mail time.  Luckily, since I've been monitoring it over the course of our trip, I didn't have too many e-mails to answer to today.  However, once I got started, one would come in that I would have to tend to.  I just got done with answering all of them before I began my blog.

This weekend it's back to the recruiting trail.  I will be attending the Jimmy Self in Greenwood, evaluating several very talented prospects that are in the Class of 2011.  It's so hard, and truly sad, to think that this rising high school senior class will be trying to replace my current rising seniors Daniel Stanley, Ben Lown, John Allen Meetze, Jeff Reid, and Stephen Holmes.  These 5 individuals have meant so much to me, I really will be at a loss this time next year.  I remember evaluating them when they were in junior golf and here I am trying to prepare for their departure from college.  Goodness gracious time flies!!  I tell you this though, I'm going to enjoy every day of the 2010-11 year.  Not that I haven't enjoyed every day of each of the last 6 years, but this next year will be the best of my coaching career--I just know it will be.  Anyway, back to recruiting.  The next 3 weeks are slammed full of junior tournaments, from Greenwood to Dothan, Alabama, I'm trying to leave no stone unturned.  There are many great players out there in the 2011 class and several have already developed a strong interest in Newberry and I am so thankful and grateful to them for that.  But, there's a long way to go, and a lot of work to be done to get them here. 

This will be the last blog for a while.  Now that Lauren and I are back from the Pacific Northwest, let's be honest, there's not a whole lot going on that is as exciting as fixing toilets, riding bicycles in Canada, being caught in hail storms at Mt. Rushmore, etc.  But, rest assured, she and I had the trip of a lifetime!  There is only one person on this planet that I could have done that trip with and it just so happened that she was the person that I went with.  I hope you enjoyed reading about our trip as much as I enjoyed trying to tell it.  All of you enjoy your summer, I know I will!

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