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BLOG: Almost Home

Hello Newberry Golf Fans! Tonight I blog to you from my parent's house in Kingsport, Tennessee on the eve of Lauren and I getting back home.

Our day started in Bloomington, Indiana at just before 11am. This was the latest we got started in any of our travel days as we only had to go 6 1/2 hours or around 350 miles. We did go over 3,000 miles today for the total trip, which began last Tuesday, June 1. Home cooking can't be beat. Lauren and I have had home cooked meals the last 2 nights and they have been sooo good! Unfortunately, when you go 3 weeks of eating high-caloric meals(and loving each bite), eventually Rolaids is going to be as much of a companion as your wifey is. Welcome to my world at this point! Anyway, back to what I was saying... after tonight's supper, Lauren and I got a chance to look at all of the wedding pictures and trip pictures that my Ma took and that my brother-in-law took.

The pictures look very good. Lauren is so beautiful in her dress(well, she is beautiful whatever she's wearing, but with her wedding dress on she is especially captivating)! As for me, I look especially dapper with my new suit and bow tie. I am beginning to favor myself in a bow tie these days, I think it makes me look younger. Tomorrow we get back to Newberry. I'm excited about getting back to campus and back to work! I don't think I've ever had an extended vacation like this one, so the batteries are recharged and ready to go! Lauren has commented a couple of times today that she is ready to get back to school as well. There is so much to do and before we know it our players will be matriculating back to campus, I can't wait for that! Only 3 more hours...I think we can make it.

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