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BLOG: Feeling Minnesota

Hello Newberry Golf Fans!  I guess the BIG news of the day is our new mascot---FINALLY!!  Personally, I think that the Wolves is a good choice by our Board and I look forward to seeing our logo later this summer.  I'm sure as all of you would agree, the end of having to answer people's questions with shrugged shoulders and palms of your hands raised to the sky is a great relief!

Well, Lauren and I have spent a great day here in Minneapolis.  We've had a busy day as a matter of fact.  We got up this morning and had a GREAT breakfast at a Perkins restaurant near our hotel.  Yours truly had the "new" Farmer's Omelette.  Accompanying the omelette were hashbrowns (places north of Tennessee and west of Georgia don't have grits, can you imagine that?!) and pancakes.  I prefer my pancakes with only butter, no syrup.  Same is true for my waffles, which I share that preference with Davis Love III; in fact, DLIII actually MADE me a couple of waffles the way I like them, but that's a whole different story.  Lauren kind of rolls her eyes when I go into that, she thinks I'm grandstanding.  But then I tell her Davis Love III doesn't just make waffles for anybody! 

Anyway, sorry for digressing.  Back to our day here in Minnesota.  After breakfast, we went to an amusement park not far from our hotel and we had an awesome day!  The roller coasters, we rode 4 of them in all, were exhilarating.  We avoided the ones that went upside-down or did corkscrews, nothing too fancy.  The ones we did ride though had huge, steep drops and turned so quickly.  One of them, The Renegade, made us literally come out of our seats the drops were so steep!  That ride took photos of the riders and after the ride Lauren and I checked out the picture of us going down the steep slope.  You talk about 2 cool cats, that was my wifey and I!  We were at Valley Fair all day, leaving after we rode one of the coasters for the second time.  I wanted to ride a coaster called "Wild Thing" to end my day, but the line was way too long and we were getting hungry, plus it was time to check out Mall of America.

So we left Valley Fair and got to Mall of America.  I don't know if you've heard of this place, but it is incredible.  It has way over 200 stores, it employs 12,000 people(part-time/full-time) for crying out loud!  There is an amusement park inside the mall!  Lauren and I walk around this mammoth retail haven and get something to eat at Johnny Rockets, a California originated hamburger joint.  The food was really good and the super brownie sundae was excellent (if you ask my players, they'll gladly tell you about my sweet tooth).  Lauren had a chocolate shake-- BEFORE--her hamburger got there, she's so awesome, and we had a great conversation about how we feel coaches should/have to be great mentors and leaders in order for them to be most effective.  Obviously, that's not breaking news to anyone, but time after time, there are examples of coaches who do not provide this to their players.  Sorry, I'll get off my soapbox now and wrap this puppy up and put a nice bow on it.

Tomorrow we take off and get to Bloomington, Indiana.  Lauren's best friend is letting us stay at her house tomorrow night.  That's a good thing, as is payday next week!  Our travel kitty is getting low.  Lauren's friend, Katie Brophy, is the Women's Assistant Golf Coach at Indiana University.  I bet you can imagine what our conversations will be centered around.  Well folks, in about 64 or 65 hours Lauren and I will be back on campus in Newberry and things will be back to normal.   I know I've said it before, but this trip of ours has been one that she and I will remember the rest of our lives and appreciate the time we had to spend together more and more as time goes by. 

I hope your new week got off to a good start today, if it didn't, tomorrow will be better! 

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