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BLOG: We Meet Again....

Hello Newberry Golf Fans!  I hope you're weekend is off to a good start.  Lauren and I are back in America.  We made the trip from Banff, Alberta into Billings, Montana today.  We said good-bye to the Canadian Rockies and said hello again to the Big Sky country! 

Our route today gave us beautiful views of Calgary, Alberta this morning and of the Montana countryside this afternoon.  You may recall that we stayed here in Billings on our way out to Seattle 12 days ago, but where our hotel is located today gives us a much more favorable opinion of this city than the first time.

Lauren and I had a great breakfast this morning, which promptly put Lauren in what she termed a "breakfast induced coma."  Within 10 minutes she was sleeping soundly, waking up for a few miles, then back to sleep she went!  Luckily, I was wide awake, which is ironic because last night I stared at the ceiling for over an hour and she slept soundly.  Starting out, it was a beautiful morning to see the mountains for one last time on this trip.  We saw a lot of elk, which again, were as big as most horses we'll see in South Carolina.  After we got breakfast, we got to the customs check-in at the US-Canada border.  There was a great Bill Engvall "here's your sign" moment while at the customs center.  The moment goes like this:  Lauren and I are sitting in the car with the customs agent asking questions.  One of the questions was why we visited Canada.  I replied that we were on our honeymoon and had visited Vancouver and Banff.  Another of the customs agents, who had checked our trunk, then asked when we had gotten married.  I told him that we got married this past Sunday, to which he asked to Lauren: "so that's your wedding dress?"  I felt like saying back to him, "no sir, that's not her wedding dress, we just like traveling around North America with a wedding dress in our trunk so someone will ask us if we just got married!  Heeeere's your sign!"

This is going to come across as no big deal for all of you, but I finally had mexican food for supper!  We ate at Taco John's, which is a local answer to our Taco Bell back home.  Ever since Taco Bell closed in Newberry, I have been missing my runs to the border.  Man, it felt so good to have a fast food taco and burrito!  Life is all about simple pleasures people, remember that.  Now that I've gotten all of you hungry, I'll let you know that tomorrow is a LONG travel day for Lauren and I, 850 miles of fury!  We will be going from Billings to Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Don't expect a blog tomorrow, but I will be posting our happenings on Monday night.  We are planning to go to an amusement park that is in Minneapolis Monday, so lots of fun is in our future!

Have a great rest of the weekend!

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