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BLOG: Oh Canada!

Hello Newberry Golf Fans!  I apologize for the delay in posting the latest edition of my blog.  Since Lauren and I got married on Sunday, I haven't had a chance to get on a computer and let ya'll know what we've been doing.  In fact, now that she and I are in Vancouver, we don't get the luxury of cell phone usage until we get back in America, which should be later this week.  We are scheduling our return trip around baseball schedules!

We had a great ceremony at a beautiful location.  Where we got married was a mansion formerly owned by the CEO of Boeing, Inc.  The name of the mansion is Rosary Heights and it is in a beautiful location, right on the Pugent Sound.  Lauren's grandparents live not far from Rosary Heights, so it was real convenient for all family to get to.  It was a beautiful ceremony, Lauren was absolutely breathtaking!  After the ceremony, we went to a local restaurant called Anthony's, where I had some of the best salmon I've ever had in my life.  Actually, on this trip, I've the best salmon I've ever had, which should be the case, since the Northwest is known for great salmon.  Lauren and I spent Sunday night and Monday night at The Westin downtown.  Our hotel room was on the 32nd floor, and offered the most panoramic views of Downtown Seattle.  We loved it!

We got up here to Vancouver yesterday and we rented bicycles(the first time I've been on a bicycle in 20 years). We rode around Stanley Park, which is right on English Bay.  It was a lot of fun, riding around with Lauren and looking at a city so far from home.  We slept in today since it was raining, but this afternoon we got a good walk in and saw the north and west part of the city at Coal Harbor.  Earlier this afternoon, we walked over to Grandville Island, which is full of shops and little restaurants, nothing that excited Lauren and I too much.  Coal Harbor definitely made us appreciate Vancouver. 

There's been a lesson learned by Lauren and I here in Vancouver:  5 star hotels are NOT what they are cracked up to be!  We thought we would splurge a little bit with our accommodations, since it is our honeymoon, but this hotel is not worth 5 stars.  From now on, we're going to enjoy our 2 1/2 to 3 star hotels and appreciate free internet, complimentary continental breakfasts, and leaky showers!  Celebrities and corporate expense accounts can have the "luxurious" hotels.

The next couple of days are long travel days.  We'll be in Banff, Alberta tomorrow night, then re-entering the States on Friday or Saturday.  We'll be back home next Thursday, so a lot of mileage in a week.  If you've been following along the last week or more, I hope you have enjoyed reading about our journey.  It's been awesome so far, a dream come true!

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