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BLOG: The West Has Won

Hello Newberry Golf Fans!  I am happy to report that Lauren and I arrived this afternoon in Seattle!  I apologize for not giving a report last night, but she and I were spending the evening with an awesome family, The Brophy's(Dr. Michael and Mrs. Nancy), in Spokane, WA.  They feted us to the best salmon that I have ever had.  Of course, we are in salmon country.  According to Lauren, the salmon that we have in South Carolina is truly inferior to what is served up here in the Pacific Northwest.  I may have to agree with her after last night's meal.

Folks, I have to tell you that the scenery that I have seen the last couple of days is something I will never forget.  Driving through Montana, Idaho, and now across the state of Washington, the vistas are spectacular mile after mile.  Snow-capped mountains, rolling hills in the foreground with mountains in the background, horizons that seem a hundred miles away, yet right in front of you, are all part of the views that we have enjoyed since yesterday morning.  Going back to Monday, when we were driving through South Dakota and passed over the Missouri River, it's been non-stop panorama.  The title of my blog tonight is because the west has won my affection; by far, the west has won in terms of scenery to offer.

I'll tell you a little funny story that happened yesterday as Lauren was driving through Montana:  she was careening down this pretty steep graded mountain and the speed limit was still 75 mph.  She made the comment that she thought the speed limit was a little too fast for the terrain, to which I replied "then slow down."  After a chuckle, she exclaimed "I guess that's what the yellow signs are indicating, but I have to be honest, I don't pay attention to the yellow signs, I only pay attention to the white ones!"  We had a good laugh at that one.

That story cannot be outdone by the one that happened Monday night at our hotel in Billings, MT.  That night, I went to flush the toilet before going to bed, but the toilet wouldn't flush.  I made the remark to Lauren that when we got up Tuesday morning that I would have to call the front desk so they could send maintenance up to the room to fix the toilet first thing in the morning.  Well, as I'm perusing the phone menu looking for the front desk's number, I hear a "YES!" coming from the bathroom.  Lauren had fixed the daggum toilet!!  I asked her how she did that, she then went on a dissertation that would make a 15-year veteran plumber beam with pride, to which I replied "you are amazing."  This young woman is the best women's coach East of the Mississippi River; as if that weren't enough, she can fix toilet's too!  Holy moly am I blessed or what!!

Now that we have arrived in Seattle, it's really feeling like it's close to the big day.  We're only 4 days away from Sunday!  My Ma and Dad, my sister and her family get in tomorrow afternoon, and Lauren's sister arrives tomorrow night.  We talked to Pastor Michael(our pastor from Wightman UMC in Prosperity, who's officiating for us) today and his family is getting some sight-seeing done this week before the weekend.  Friday of this week is when my family and I are looking around The Emerald City.  Unfortunately, it's not until Sunday that the weather looks good, but we'll manage.

I hope ya'll have enjoyed coming on along with us this week.  It's been an awesome week so far and doesn't even compare to what lies ahead for us.  Stay never know what Lauren will fix next!

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