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BLOG: Should We Talk About the Weather?

Good evening Newberry Golf fans! On the 2nd long day of our trip, Lauren and I traveled 748 miles. Our day started at 6:15am local time in Sioux Falls, and we were looking forward to the day ahead. I don't know if any of you have been to South Dakota before, but the landscape is completely different on the east and west sides of the state. The first half of the trip today it was all flat land, you could see for MILES! Then, we crossed the Missouri River, and for the rest of the day it was mile after mile of some of the most picturesque landscape I've ever seen! Absolutely beautiful.

We got to Mt. Rushmore about noon today, Mountain Standard Time. We were very excited to see Mt. Rushmore, but due to the fog, we almost didn't get to see it. When we left Sioux Falls, it was 75 degrees, humid. We got about 200 miles from Mt. Rushmore, it was still 77 degrees and beautiful. At Mt. Rushmore, it was 50 degrees, cloudy, rainy, and foggy. Lauren and I walked a monument trail for 45 minutes, hoping that the extra time would allow the fog to dissipate.

During our walk, we started to hear thunder(at 50 degrees!). By the time we got back to the monument terrace viewing area, the thunder was closer and flashes of lightning were present. Lauren sought cover, but I stayed at the monuments because I didn't come across the country to NOT see the Presidents. Just after Lauren left, the fog cleared and I saw the monument--so awesome! I took several pictures, then went to try and get Lauren and convince her to come see it. She wasn't budging! About 60 seconds later, and I'm not making this up, it started hailing!! That's right, 50 degrees, and it's hailing.

After a while of killing time in the gift shop, the weather let up enough for Lauren to get a good look at the Presidents and take more pictures. After we left Mt. Rushmore, we went through Deadwood, South Dakota, which is legendary for being the home of Wild Bill Hickok, Calamity Jane, and others. Lauren's grandmother is also from Deadwood. Lauren and I were very impressed how the city has maintained the historical presence. We continued on to our destination for the night, Billings, Montana. The whole afternoon was rain and wind. We got here at 7:45 local time, which was 14 1/2 hours after we originally left Sioux Falls.

This is our last long day of this trip, we only go 7 1/2 hours tomorrow to Spokane, WA. So far we've been close to 2,000 miles, gone across 2 time zones, been to 10 states, crossed I don't know how many rivers, and eaten more ham and cheese sandwiches than what should be legal. But it's been worth it. We've had a great trip so far and the best part is still 6 days away!

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