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BLOG: Come On Along...

Hello Newberry Golf Fans!  I am writing from beautiful, HOT Sioux Falls, South Dakota.  Lauren and I are on our way across the country(destination Seattle) to get married on Sunday, May 30, and I thought it would be kind of cool if I wrote updates along the way.  This way, all you kind, awesomely supportive folks back in Newberry can feel like you're along for the ride with us! 

We left last Friday, May 21st, and made it as far as Albion, Illinois which is where my grandparents, Aunt Marty and Uncle Chuck, and lots of cousins (Michael, Leann, Audra, and Randy) live.  Before we got to Albion, we stopped in Evansville, Indiana to see my great friends Ken and Terry Haynie.  Once upon a time, I was an insurance salesman with Mutual of Omaha in Evansville, and I met the Haynie's on a Tres Dias weekend in February 1997.  My career as an insurance salesman was about to end, due to the golf bug really sinking its teeth into my bloodstream, and the Tres Dias weekend was a true blessing.  My first true mentor, Dr. Stan Nevill, arranged for me to attend the Tres Dias weekend, and his presence still makes a difference in my life.

On Saturday, Lauren and I went to see my cousin Nick play a regional championship baseball game.  Nick is a junior at the local high school and is a pretty good ballplayer.  I have to put in here that he made a sensational play in the top of the 7th inning.  He plays 2nd base and a grounder was hit to him.  He covered a lot of ground just to get to the ball--laying full out, body parallel to the ground.  He got the ball, and from HIS KNEES threw the runner out at first base for the first out of the inning!  His team went on to win their 2nd straight regional championship on Saturday and are now in the sectional tournament played this coming Wednesday night.  Congrats gentlemen and good luck on Wednesday!  

Last night we went to a restaurant in Evansville, Biaggi's, and had a great time.  It was great getting together with my cousins and their families and rehashing good memories(most, if not all, at my expense!).  My extended family has been there in support of me throughout, and I'm so blessed that they are mine.  This is a personal shout-out to all of them:  I love all of you very much and I thank you for always being there in support of me, and now in support of Lauren.

Today, Lauren and I covered 750 miles.  We got here to Sioux Falls in just under 12 hours total elapsed time.  In driving time, we got here in about 10 1/2 hours.  Along the way, we went through St. Louis, Kansas City, Sioux City, and then here.  I've realized that scenery wise, once you get to Indiana, that's pretty much the way it stays until you get to South Dakota.  We saw a lot of farmland and flatland.  As a matter of fact, when we got to Kansas City, I looked in the rear-view mirror and saw the Arch in St. Louis! 

Tomorrow is another exiciting day:  we view Mt. Rushmore and then tomorrow night we stay in Billings, Montana.  Interesting piece of info:  we stopped to get some gas in Sloan, Iowa this afternoon and as I was pumping gas this gentlemen walked up to me.  He saw my Newberry Golf Shirt with the block "N" on the sleeve and he said to me, "hey you must be from Newberry;" to which I answered "damn right."  Have a great night golf fans, talk to you tomorrow!

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