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BLOG: Spring Break?

Hello Newberry College Golf Fans!  I hope all of you have taken the snow shovels out of your hands by now and replaced them with a putter, wedge, and 12 other clubs.  Winter of 2010 has been absolutely ridiculous!!  I'm not a winter person by any means, and to see snow once makes me lose my cool, but to see it twice, well let's just say Harry Caray came to mind.  But, as I'm writing this, the sun is out, the birds are chirpping, and the bells are chiming--what a beautiful day to be playing golf!!

Last week was Spring Break here at Newberry and my players enjoyed sleeping in, playing golf, walking on the beach, etc.  Some of you may be asking, "Well, how about you coach, did you get to relax?"  To answer that question, no would be the answer.  I had to come back to school yesterday to get some rest!  Last week consisted of 2 high school tournaments to recruit, moving my fiance from her apartment to the house we are going to be renting next year after we're married (May 30--only 74 more days), and I went up to Kingsport, Tenn., to visit my parents, sister, and her family.  Either I'm getting really old, or the move was that hard.  We did the moving on Wednesday and on Friday I was still feeling it.  I have bruises on both arms to prove my labor.  Spring Break?  Only if you're talking about my back!!

I want to take a moment to publicly congratulate my fiance and best friend (who just so happens to be the women's golf coach here at Newberry) on a fantastic season to this point.  Her team has won 2 tournaments in a row, and 4 of their last 5!  That's Tiger Woods territory folks.  Winning one tournament in a year is a great accomplishment, but to win 4 and we're just in the middle of March, is almost unheard of.  She has done a great job and I am so happy/proud of her and her girls.  Keep up the great golf ladies!

I'm very excited about the last month of the season for the men's team.  We have a tournament coming up in a couple of weeks in Greenwood, S.C., that will be hosted by Lander University.  The tournament is at a great golf course, Greenwood Country Club, we've qualified there before, and the players like the golf course.  It's a great venue to play before the SAC Conference Championships, which are played a month from now.  The 2009-10 season is going by so fast....

I've saved the last paragraph to include the most exciting information:  the opening of our on-campus short game facility.  On April 13th, installation on our short game practice facility will officially begin!  We are going to have a 2,400 square foot practice green, 2 practice bunkers, and 3 teeing areas, representing various wedge distances that will allow our men's and women's players to become proficient in the areas of the game that are most critical for scoring.  The Newberry College Golf Association, started in August 2008, has been the engine for this train, and it has been awesome to be a part of this project.  Check our website,, for pictures showing the stages of completion. 

Until next time, practice those 6-footers.

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